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22                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

of the vow of Louis XIIL on the I5th, it was
apprehended there might be some riots; so their
exile was hastened by two days. They were sent
to Troyes.

The abuse bestowed on the King and Queen
and the Archbishop of Toulouse is incredible. It
was proposed in parliament that the deputies
should return en corps, and, throwing themselves
on their knees before the King, implore him to
have pity on his people and recall the odious
taxes, and perhaps they might touch his heart
and convince his reason. It is said that clubs
and salons are prohibited.

2oth. La Cour des Aides is as stiffnecked as
the other courts. The populace have given the
King the nickname of Louis le timbre. The parlia-
ment of Rouen was ordered to go into exile at
Libourne, but the people have risen and kept
them by force in the city. The parliament of
Rouen, being summoned to Paris, have returned
for answer that they have upon their hands busi-
ness of the highest importance, which they cannot

zxst. We met this evening at the Val la
Marechale de Mirepoix, a surprising woman of
past eighty, without any infirmities but a shaking
of her head. She does not look more than fifty.